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Estate of George Sevicke Jones


George Sevicke Jones was an Optician.  Before his death in 1961 he established the George Sevicke Jones Trust under the terms of his last Will.  Through his Will he expressed a wish that the net annual income be applied for such charitable purposes as the trustee shall think fit in the cities of Christchurch and Timaru.

The estate of the late George Sevicke Jones is held in perpetuity pursuant to his will dated 04 April 1960.  The New Zealand Guardian Trust is the sole trustee for the estate.

Each year the income is allocated among such charitable organisations in the Christchurch and Timaru areas at the trustees discretion.


Funding Objectives

In previous years the trustee has elected to focus on particular sectors each year in order to provide meaningful grants to recipients, rather than small grants to a broad range of organisations.

Over the next three years the trustee aims to fund game changing initiatives and courageous leadership in the pursuit of greater social impact. As such the trustee is now seeking applications for a multi year partnership.

It is anticipated that the successful applicant will receive a grant of up to $50,000 per year for the approved number of funding years.  Annual grants will be dependent on the level of available income each year (subject to indicative investment returns) and the discharge of the annual reporting required by the Trustee.



The successful applicant will receive a further grant of up to 10% of the annual grant value (maximum $10,000) for the purposes of reporting and evaluation.


Application requirements

The successful application must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Provide effective platforms for social innovation to emerge, succeed and scale;
  • Build effective organisations that can work adaptively and lead change;
  • Contribute to significant change at the systems/process level; and
  • Contribute to paradigm shifts in sector practices (including the practice of philanthropy).


In addition to the above the successful application must align with one or more of these priority areas:

  • Social problems and/or challenges - new and emerging solutions, research and development.
  • Education/collaboration/leadership – new and emerging solutions, research and development.
  • Health/well being – new and emerging solutions, research and development.


Reporting requirements of the successful applicant

The successful applicant must provide the following reporting each year


Mid year update (live check in)

We value personal interaction and hearing about your work, from you directly. We will check in with you around the mid point of each year; about your progress around proposed objectives and activities, priority communities, timeline, outcomes and any evaluation methods that were included within your grant proposal.


Brief written annual report (emailed)

Shortly after each (interim) year end we would like to receive a more formal update in regards to your work. This will include the completion of a short-form report with the following questions:

  1. What work did this grant enable you to achieve this year?
  2. What were the intended outcomes for the project?
  3. What changed as a result of the grant? i.e what outcomes were delivered and what was the impact of those outcomes?
  4. What did you learn as a result of this grant? How did this affect your practice?
  5. Any stories of change that you may have to share.


Final report (e-report submitted via our online portal)


Funding Amount and Time Frames

  • Only applicants in the Christchurch and Timaru areas will be considered.
  • This year the granting cycle will be from Monday 6th May 2019 to Monday 1st July 2019.
  • The amount to be distributed each year is approximately $50,000.
  • All applications must be completed online.
  • The length of the assessment process is dependent on the volume of applications and all applicants are notified of the decision. During the assessment period, trustees may request further clarification from the applicant regarding their application.


Regrettably, due to the number of applications received, we are unable to provide detailed feedback on unsuccessful applications. Please note the decision of the Trustee is final and not subject to any appeals process.



Click on the following grant button to start your application.

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